The Mountain Goats

Stuff That Rocks My World #4

1. I sometimes wonder how people stumble upon my little blog, out here in the wasteland of pirated films and porn. I never expected this:



Die you inbred hicks!

Die you inbred hicks!

I have finally got around to spending some serious time with the Fallout 3 DLC material, and the first I have played is Point Lookout. Only been playing it for a day and I have pretty much done everything there is to do around PL. It’s been hella fun going back into the world of Fallout, so much so that it has spurred me on to heading back to the Wasteland to tick off the few unlocked achievements that I didn’t get round to doing.


Another cracker from John

Been listening constantly to John Darnielle’s Mountain Goats, which prompted my recent post about his EP, Satanic Messiah. His new album, The Life Of The World To Come, seems to be a partner to that release. Whereas SM explored themes of deities and worship coloured with Satanic imagery, this album seems to be about Christianity; but not in a preachy or highbrow way. In fact, even though each song is named after a verse within the Bible which inspired it, most songs are not even about religion. They are Darnielle’s usual short stories, and the verses they are named after are only radars as to the message of the story, or the emotions felt by its characters. Just buy it already!

The Mountain Goats – Genesis 3:23


I now prounce you Shaun and Liz
I now prounce you Shaun and Liz…

Nothing says “I love you” like battling the undead. Kudos To Seattle’s own Mike’s Amazing Cakes.

Be Your Own Pet – Zombie Graveyard Party


It’s Halloween soon, and I can’t decide what to dress up as. I was going to go with Max from Where The Wild Things Are. But, looking at this kid, is there any point anymore? So badass.


"Yes, hello? AAAAARRRRGGHH!!"

I have been on a The Thick Of It bender today. It’s nice to know that the UK has a proper rival to Arrested Development in the intelligent comedy stakes. It’s almost too funny in that most viewers have no idea what really goes on within UK Government and this is what they are basing their opinions on. Actually, that’s awesome. Enjoy this:

6. This opicture has nothing to do with the plot of the book

I just finished Stephen King’s The Stand. It was really good. But the ending was a bit weak. Ah King, just when you had me thinking you had bettered Bag Of Bones. Ah well. Next up, Carrie.

7. White T's = Hardcore

Glassjaw – Stuck Pig

Glassjaw – You Think Your John Fucking Lennon

Some GJ, just because. Where the fuck is that third album?

8. I have only seen the pilot for Castle, and it didn’t impress me too much. I only watched it because the man-god that is Nathan Fillion plays the title role. But I knew it would never stand up to the mighty Firefly in my heart. Then they go and do this:

It’s nice they are paying tribute, but come on! You sick teases! Just bring back the browncoats you sick fucks!

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