Stuff That Rocks My World

Stuff That Rocks My World #4

1. I sometimes wonder how people stumble upon my little blog, out here in the wasteland of pirated films and porn. I never expected this:



Die you inbred hicks!

Die you inbred hicks!

I have finally got around to spending some serious time with the Fallout 3 DLC material, and the first I have played is Point Lookout. Only been playing it for a day and I have pretty much done everything there is to do around PL. It’s been hella fun going back into the world of Fallout, so much so that it has spurred me on to heading back to the Wasteland to tick off the few unlocked achievements that I didn’t get round to doing.


Another cracker from John

Been listening constantly to John Darnielle’s Mountain Goats, which prompted my recent post about his EP, Satanic Messiah. His new album, The Life Of The World To Come, seems to be a partner to that release. Whereas SM explored themes of deities and worship coloured with Satanic imagery, this album seems to be about Christianity; but not in a preachy or highbrow way. In fact, even though each song is named after a verse within the Bible which inspired it, most songs are not even about religion. They are Darnielle’s usual short stories, and the verses they are named after are only radars as to the message of the story, or the emotions felt by its characters. Just buy it already!

The Mountain Goats – Genesis 3:23


I now prounce you Shaun and Liz
I now prounce you Shaun and Liz…

Nothing says “I love you” like battling the undead. Kudos To Seattle’s own Mike’s Amazing Cakes.

Be Your Own Pet – Zombie Graveyard Party


It’s Halloween soon, and I can’t decide what to dress up as. I was going to go with Max from Where The Wild Things Are. But, looking at this kid, is there any point anymore? So badass.


"Yes, hello? AAAAARRRRGGHH!!"

I have been on a The Thick Of It bender today. It’s nice to know that the UK has a proper rival to Arrested Development in the intelligent comedy stakes. It’s almost too funny in that most viewers have no idea what really goes on within UK Government and this is what they are basing their opinions on. Actually, that’s awesome. Enjoy this:

6. This opicture has nothing to do with the plot of the book

I just finished Stephen King’s The Stand. It was really good. But the ending was a bit weak. Ah King, just when you had me thinking you had bettered Bag Of Bones. Ah well. Next up, Carrie.

7. White T's = Hardcore

Glassjaw – Stuck Pig

Glassjaw – You Think Your John Fucking Lennon

Some GJ, just because. Where the fuck is that third album?

8. I have only seen the pilot for Castle, and it didn’t impress me too much. I only watched it because the man-god that is Nathan Fillion plays the title role. But I knew it would never stand up to the mighty Firefly in my heart. Then they go and do this:

It’s nice they are paying tribute, but come on! You sick teases! Just bring back the browncoats you sick fucks!

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Stuff That Rocks My World #3 – Video Special

1. I’m far too psyched for the upcoming film Where The Wild Things Are.

Based on the beloved children’s book, it stars a plethora of acclaimed character actors as the Wild Things and is helmed by the boy wonder of american arthouse;  Spike Jonze. I have already mused on the excellent trailer, which nearly always prizes open my man-tear ducts every time I watch it. But here is a look behind the scenes of the filming, and my god does it look like fun!

Man, if James Ganldolfini was shouting and throwing things at me I would just curl into a ball and weep.

2. Once this crazy Postal Strike is over, I’m getting my hands on this little belter:

Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy ftw!!!

Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy ftw!!!

3. Here is the much loved/maligned Brand New reworking one of their best songs, Sowing Season (Yeah), in the studio. I really like the way Jesse Lacey’s voice has matured over the years and this is the perfect song to perform acoustically (word?).

4. Sometimes, you just come across a story that re-affirms your belief in the world, and reminds you that not everyone is a soulless slave to the money machine. David Thorne is one of them. He is a God amongst men, and the proof is here, where he tries to pay his chiropractor with a spider.

Kudos to Jane Gilles for drawing an extra leg and in the course of doing so, being a cool human being.

5. For the last ten years, I have passed the facade noto others that I have been living my life for myself. In reality, I have been waiting for this:


6. The making of Fantastic Mr Fox. It seems this post has a running trend of indie auteurs tackling beloved children’s books. Even though Wes Anderson is using stop-motion animation for the film, I love the way his characters are still as immaculately dressed and as ‘Anderson-esque’ as ever.

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Stuff That Rocks My World #2


It’s taking over my life. I am Batman. When I got to the Batcave I came a bit.

2. Brand New’s brand new album Daisy has leaked. Is it any good? In a word, AAAARGH! Which means yes. To the fans who wanted more Deja Entendu and less The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me: tough luck. On first listen, the dark, grungy feel of their last LP continues unabated, and the album is all the better for it. It’s hard to believe this is the same band that made Your Favourite Weapon.

I’m not gonna post any songs cause it’s not fair on that super-sensitive soul Jesse Lacey. But if you want to hear the tunes, they are not hard to find. The Hype Machine is a good start.

3. Frank Turner, a man I have waxed lyrical about in the past on this blog, released his third album, Poetry Of The Deed this week.

I’m in the process of downloading it just now and i’m psyched. The Road was a great lead single and was supported by a fantastic video which documented Turner’s batshit insane attempt to  play 24 gigs in 24 hours. Somehow he managed it, using what I can only assume is some Jedi magic. Check it out here.  Make sure you watch the ‘Making Of’ too, it’s great. Find that here.

Frank Turner – Thatcher Fucked The Kids

4. Randomly stumbled upon this video of Bon Iver performing Skinny Love in Paris.

What makes this video unique is a simple element: it is shot from behind the performer. This seemingly basic switch makes the viewing experience totally different; as we see how the people react to the flow of the song. It’s a beautiful setup in a small room with candles and all that jazz, but the best part is watching the kids just getting into it.  We actually don’t get a look at Justin’s face whatsoever. And listen for the drummer’s harmonies: dude is rocking a Prince style falsetto.

5. Been watching a few Golden Era Simpsons episodes recently. Rocked the one with John Waters today, and totally forgot about this scene. All you need to know is that Homer is afraid of gays, and believes Bart is becoming one. So, naturally he takes him to the most testosterone-fuelled workplace he can think of. Hilarity ensues:

6. The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

You may recognise Felicia Day from the infamous 13th episode of Geek Overlord Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. Before she got that sweet gig, she wrote and starred in The Guild, an online comedy for gamers by gamers; if you have any knowledge of game-chat at all then you will get the myriad tech gags that are the shows lifeblood. Other non-game-specific geek references abound in a similar style to it’s clear forefather, the show of a generation; Spaced.

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? is an advertisement for the upcoming third season, available on YouTube. You don’t wanna miss it!


Very rarely is it the case I leave the cinema as happy as I did after seeing 500 Days Of Summer. Essentially a film about a relationship that doesn’t work out, it really made me reconsider the romantic comedy genre; and proved to me that Judd Apatow isn’t the only guy in Hollywood capable of making films that deal with love in a modern, non-ridiculous manner.

Both leads Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt do great, understated work throughout. Deschanel is all huge eyes and cute smiles, while JGL really pulls out his comedy chops. The two actors have real chemistry and it shows. Deschanel has been waiting for a while for a role to really pay off for her and this could be the one. It seems like so long ago that my spotty 15 year-old self fell head over heels for her in Almost Famous.  I watched on anxiously as she gradually built up her profile in films like Elf, Bridge To Terabithia and Yes Man. It’s awesome to see her finally knock it out the park with Summer.

And Gordon-Levitt? His next film is Christopher Nolan’s Inception. On. My. God.


Wes Anderson is a cool guy. Immaculate dress sense, quirky cool films and a good looking and well connected guy in general. I recently seen The Darjeeling Limited again, and loved it far more the second time around. In the past I felt that with the exception of Rushmore, he sacrificed emotion for stylistic quirks. And there is a disturbing lack of good roles for non-whites in his films too. But not anymore. I felt he really treated India with respect and managed to draw a tender performance from a vulnerable Owen Wilson (who tried to commit suicide soon after filming). Adrian Brody and Jason Schwartzman are both awesome also, first bring the serious and the second bringin’ the funny.

Also, Limited contains the funniest line in any of his films; spoken by the aforementioned Schwartzman:

I love you too, but Im gonna mace you in the face!

"I love you too, but I'm gonna mace you in the face!"

Roll on Fantastic Mr Fox.

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Stuff That Rocks My World, #1

1. First things first, and not in that particular order. There is a new Radiohead song on the internets!!!! It’s really good, and paying for it goes toward a good cause. So go do that.

Thom and Jonny

Radiohead – Harry Patch (In Memory Of)

2. Drawer Geeks

A great fanart site that invites talented artists to have a crack at a certain geek-friendly theme/topic. Check out my personal favourite, Jeremy Vanhoozer.

3. Down – Stone The Crow

This tune was the lead single from NOLA, Down’s first and best album. Metal Bastard recently blogged about it in his countdown. It made me rediscover this overlooked album.


Two of the greatest, most influential and distinctive directors of all time, just shooting the shit.  Francis is showing Kurosawa how to use his fancy cutting edge Polaroid camera, the mighty Flashbar II. Akira looks kinda non-plussed at it all. Cause he’s old school.


It looks like it could be Anderson’s most comedic film yet. With this, Scott Pilgrim, Bored To Death and the upcoming Adventurer’s Handbook, 2010 is destined be the year of Jason Schwartzman.


This adorable Lil’ Red Keychain has been occupying my mind for the past two days. I’m desperate for him to join Homer and Donatello in the noble honor of guarding my keys.

7. Twilight Sad – Reflection Of The Television

Lead track from the upcoming Forget The Night Ahead.  Another beautiful blend of Mogwai-style wall-of-noise guitar and gentle melancholy from the ‘Sad. If society was at all sane, The Twilight Sad would be number one everywhere in the world all the time.

8. Moon

It seems like there is a hell of a lot of sci-fi in popular culture at the moment. Along with vampires, it seems the media (and the public) cannot get their fill of cyborgs, androids, and techno-babble. And i’m a sucker for it. A big theme within this new wave of science fiction has involved machines who believe they are human, and the questions of indentity and humanity involved within that issue. These projects, mainly on TV, have ranged from incredible (Battlestar Galactica) to okay (Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles) to poor (Two And  Half Men. That child is a fucking cyborg of Lucifer and must be deactivated. End of rant.)

After JJ Abrams flashy, enterianing reboot of Star Trek, it seems even the popcorn movie fans are getting into the expansive world of Comic-Con’s and alien sexual relations. But with Moon, director Duncan Jones has picked a different sci-fi reference point. Specifically, Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Oddessy and 70’s environmental sci-fi flick Silent Running.

I won’t spoil the film by going into details on the plot, as the less you know about it the better. What I will say is that it has some amazing, old-school miniature and model work for the moon surface scenes. Moodily lit and so atmospheric. Also, Sam Rockwell finally has his moment in the sun. Essentially playing two roles, he nails two difficult performances and carries this quiet, powerful film on his lonesome. With a little help from Kevin Spacey, of course. What intrigued me most though, is that Jones has mentioned in interviews he has an idea for a sequel. I’m excited.

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