Bjork Covers

Bjork is such a well repected musician and crazy person, that bands are covering her all the time. Here are some choice renditions of her work. She should get around to making another album soon, Volta was all kinds of win.

Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) – Joga
The Mars Volta – Birthday (Sugarcubes Cover)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Hyperballad (Live)
Radiohead – Unravel (Live)


Under The Covers

Since I’m under the covers on this fine friday, I’m gonna post some covers. Why? Why the hell not, you oaf.

Deftones – Drive (Cars Cover)
from Saturday Night Wrist (iTunes Bonus Track)

Florence And The Machine – Addicted To Love (Robert Palmer Cover)
from You’ve Got The Love Single

The xx – Teardops (Womack & Womack Cover)
from The xx Deluxe Edition

Miscellaneous Elliott Smith Covers

My love for Elliott Smith is deep. The guy was one of the best songwriters of the modern era and was another one of our treasures that was taken before his time. If you are not familiar with his short life and mysterious death, go here, it is interesting reading. One thing Elliott was always doing was covering other people’s songs. Like most singer-songwriters, he admired the craft of penning a song, and would frequently play his versions of his favourites. Unlike a lot of other singers in 90’s though, Elliott did not bother with covering obscure Danish metal bands or jazz-polka outfits from Eastern Europe. He was much more honest and instead paid tribute to his favourite musicians: namely The Beatles, Kinks and other pop bands from the 60’s.

In the uber-cynical era of grunge and plaid, this was a brave move. I have collected many, many live covers by Elliott over the years and it’s sad to say but a lot of them are not of the best audio quality. I have collected the best of the best of the live stuff and a selection of covers he recorded in the studio and have presented them here. I literally have tons of other b-sides, covers and rarities sitting on my hard drive, which i may upload in the future. If your interested in that kinda buisness, then give me a holla back in the comments. For now, enjoy Elliott.

Elliott Smith Covers Vol 1

Revolution (Beatles)

Trouble (Cat Stevens)

Waterloo Sunset (Kinks)

Thirteen (Big Star)

I’ll Be Back (Beatles)

I Figured You Out (Mary Lou Lord)

Jealous Guy (John Lennon)

Because (Beatles)

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