Random iPod Playlist #2

Here’s the second Random iPod Playlist. Not as much hip hop this time, which is a shame. Ah well, just as well most of these songs are fantastic. Apart from Metallica’s The Outlaw Torn, which is a weak song off possibly their weakest album. But whatever, the iPod has spoken. Elliott Smith’s incredible John Lennon cover Jealous Guy more than makes up for this. Enjoy.

  1. Spinnerette – Sex Bomb
  2. Tom Vek – On The Road
  3. Elliott Smith – Jealous Guy (Live)
  4. Editors – Blood
  5. Metallica – The Outlaw Torn
  6. Tom Waits – Gospel Train/Orchestra
  7. Burial – Homeless
  8. Every Time I Die – Floater
  9. Josh Homme – All The Same
  10. Bon Iver & St. Vincent – Rosyln
  11. Queens Of The Stone Age – 18AD
  12. Wu Tang Clan – Heaterz
  13. Bloc Party – Banquet
  14. Frightened Rabbit – The Twist
  15. Converge – Losing Battle

Random iPod Playlist #2

Buy all these albums at Amazon. Or else.

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