The Odd Future of Hip Hop

Continuing my exploration of underground hip hop, I really need to talk about the group known as Odd Future. Another group of young kids who create their own music, album covers, videos and post them online, for free. Oh, and most of them are still teenagers too.

The best part about this is that the tunes themselves are really, really good.The group has styled themselves on the dark style that groups like Gravediggaz, Cage and Eminem used to adhere to. Best to start with OF’s defacto leader and main producer, Tyler (or Ace) The Creator. His record, Bastard, deals with his absentee father as well as rape, incest and all the other uplifting topics swirling around his brain. From there, move on to Earl Sweatshirt’s album Earl. Seriously, both of these albums are better than 80% of hip hop within the mainstream and a sign of good shit to come.

Check some tunes and head to Odd Future to grab the records:

Tyler The Creator – Bastard

Earl – epaR (feat Vince Staples)


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