An Introduction To The Twisted Genius Of MF DOOM

After falling away from hip hop music around 04-05, it was only last year I was drawn back to the genre, and I proceeded to go further from the mainstream and take a gander and see what gems were being hidden underneath the overproduced 50 Cent’s and the like. One of the most beguiling artists I came across was a individual referred to as Zev Love X, Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah, or, most frequently, MF DOOM.

You can read all about the man right here, and I highly recommend you do. Daniel Dumile’s life within in hip-hop is one of those rarities for the genre, being that it is buried in mystery and facade, and he remains one of the most off the wall artists working today. He also happens to be one of the greatest rappers and producers alive, and he wears a metal Doctor Doom mask at all times. His expressive wordplay is a unique conglomeration of geeky comic book/tv show references, old-time slang and bizarre elaborate jokes, offset by his deadpan delivery.

His discography is so big and difficult to navigate that it can be quite intimidating for the DOOM newbie, and so I have collected the finest cuts from a vast array of his albums and made an album that serves as a pretty awesome primer for the enigmatic MC. Included in the album are tunes from his debut Operation: Doomsday, his critically lauded team up with producer Madlib Madvillany and his album he made for Adult Swim with Dangermouse The Mouse And The Mask up to and including his latest release, last year’s Born Like This. Many of these songs include appearances from the cream of the world of alternative hip hop such as Gnarls Barkley/Goodie Mob’s Cee Lo Green, Talib Kweli, RJD2 and Ghostface Killah.

If you feel like expanding your knowledge of hip hop and getting to know one of its modern geniuses, give it a go. You wont be dissapointed. Each file has the album and artist name included, as to avoid confusion. Don’t say I’m not good to you, internet!


1. Doomsday
2. Saliva
3. Accordion
4. Old School Rules (feat Talib Kweli)
5. Hoe Cakes
6. Figaro
7. Vaudeville Villan
8. El Chupa Nibre
9. Ballskin
10. Kookies
11. Rhymes Like Dimes (feat Cucumber Slice)
12. The Mask (feat Ghostface Killah)
13. Fancy Clown
14. Bada Bing
15. All Caps
16. Rapp Snitch Knishes (feat Mr Fantastik)
17. Benzi Box (feat Cee Lo)
18. Angelz (feat Ghostface Killah)
19. Mr. Clean
20. Anti-Matter (feat Mr Fantastik)
21. Chinatown Theme (feat Ghostface Killah)
22. That’s That


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