I’m Not Actually Dead…..

But I would forgive you for thinking I was. I have been an awful blogger, I admit. The crazy collection of happenstances that is real life interrupted my internet rambling commitments, and I can only apologise.

But fuck it, I’m back now. I know I was in the middle of Deftones Week, but I will put that on the backburner for now, mainly cause I can’t be arsed. I will returnt o the band and review their later-period albums, but just not now. I will drop those on your punk asses when you least suspect it. But I’m hoping to just get back into the rhythm of regular blogging once again. I have a few interesting posts in mind that will blow your balls off. For now, tunes!

Madvillan – Papermill
From Adult Swim Singles Club

Bob Dylan – The Man In Me
From The Big Lebowski Soundtrack

Delta Spirit – 9/11
From History From Below


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