Deftones Week – Deftones

Argh! Okay, i know. I have been neglecting this blog recently, and i’m ashamed of it. I have reasons, though. College work is getting crazy for one, I have been spending quality time with the young lady as well as my creation of my new blog(!) Viewed Magazine. Go check it’s ass out, yo.

So Deftones week has become Deftones year it seems. Ah well, it was a good idea, albeit executed poorly. But let’s finish this shit. Onto the most controversial and some would say weakest album in the ‘Tones discography. Originally titles Lovers, Deftones is the darkest and at times, the bleakest record the band has made. Coming off the back of their creative highpoint in White Pony and years of touring that record, even after a break they still found themselves to be stretched to their limits.

When the band emerged from the studio to tour the globe, all the members, particularly Chino, looked fat and schlubby. This was reflected in their performances from the time, which lacked the electric energy of their previous years. Nevertheless, the best material on Deftones is the band firing on all cylinders.  Opener Hexagram is possibly the heaviest song the band had committed to tape at that point (and maybe still) and contained genuinely terrifying screams from Chino. When Girls Telephone Boys has a clear influence drawn from hometown buddies Will Haven and Minerva is as graceful as the band had ever been. But these highlights are sandwiched between under-developed songs such as Good Morning Beautiful and Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event.

This is a dark, dense record that at times lays a claim to be the weakest in the Deftones arsenal. But it’s highs are some of the greatest songs they have ever written, and that makes this record another important step for the always-progressing band.

Deftones – Hexagram

Deftones – Lucky You


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