Deftones Week – Around The Fur

Okay, sorry about the lack of posts but many factors have contributed to this delay and all are more important than my self-important music ramblings. But on with the show!

Last things fucking first. This is where Deftones turned into the band they always threatened they would be. With the rapping (mostly) gone, here is a collection of great metal songs. Opening with the unmistakable snare and riff of My Own Summer (Shove It), the band lets rip on nearly every track here. Around The Fur is the first showcase for their new member, Frank Delgado, with his ominous sound effects lurking in the background, adding previously unheard depth to many of the songs here. This record contains some of their best ever songs: Around The Fur’s rage, Be Quiet And Drive’s beauty and Lotion’s groove. This record reminds me of long hot summers, with an ice cool beer and no worries.

This was also a golden peroid for the band in live terms. Chino’s voice was never better and Delgado slipped into the fray with ease. Just watch how energetic the band are here: Abe is killing it on drums and Chino is just hella engaging as a frontman. Even Stef is moving a bit, which is a lot for the big dude. This was a special time for the band, where they were expanding their horizons and discovering they were capable of big things. And it was only to get better…….

Deftones – Rickets
Deftones – Lotion


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