Deftones Week – Adrenaline

So the new Deftones record is out tomorrow. It’s their best album since White Pony, which is saying something. I’m gonna do a run down of each of their albums this week, cause a) I’m a huge fan and b) it’s my blog and I can do what I cotton pickin’ please. I hope this will shed some light on the evolution of one of the most forward-thinking metal bands of the modern era. If not, then at least you can read my inane ramblings and ignore at will.

Adrenaline is where it all started for the Sacramento band. First off, this is a pretty dated album. It has all the hallmarks of the burgeoning nu-metal scene at the time (which didn’t seem like to bad an idea to most people), Korn-y riffs, downtuned guitars, rapping/screaming and the like. The big difference here is the small indicators that this band were willing to spread their wings slightly.

Stephen Carpenter’s guitar work draws more from thrash than chunky, simplistic¬†Limp Bizkit-esque riffing. Abe Cunningham’s drumming is excellent, and he would go on to carve a niche as one of the leading drummers of alternative music afterwards. Another plus is frontman Chino Moreno’s lyrics – full of dark imagery and strange wordplay. At it’s roots, this is still a decent nu-metal record, but one that points it’s way to better things for this ambitious band.

Deftones – Minus Blindfold
Deftones – Engine No. 9


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