New Deftones!

Sorry about the lack of updates around here, but things have been busy recently. Good things and bad things have taken up too much of my time and I have failed as a blogger. To proclaim my return here is a new song from one of my favourite bands, Def-motherfuckin’-tones. Personally, I like this first single from their forthcoming album Diamond Eyes. It’s got a huge Stef riff and some trademark sweet melodies from Chino and generally sound more like a less rap-oriented Adrenaline-era tune. However a lot of Deftones fans around the net seem to think it’s a bit samey or something.

It’s a grower, and definitely not the usual knock-out first single I’m used to from this band. Fair enough, this is taken from the new album, and not the one recorded with original bassist Chi Cheng, who is still hospitalised after a car accident. That album, Eros, should hopefully see the light of day in some way or another. But for now, crank this up and look forward to Diamond Eyes.

Deftones – Rocket Skates


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