Lightspeed Champion – Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You

I’m a huuuge fan of Lightspeed Champion. And I was anticipating his second album a great deal more than any other albums coming out in the new year. And I’m happy to report that it fully lives up to the hype that seemed to surround it.

Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You (which hereafter shall be referred to as LIS in a show of mercy to my fingers) is a world away from all of Devonte Hynes previous musical endeavours, including Test Icicles and Falling Off The Lavender Bridge. Much chat was spewed about LIS being heavily influenced by Todd Rungren, and that is very much the case here. Throw in a touch of Serge Gainsbourg and a sprinkle of Queen and your on the right track with this epic collection of tuneage.

Prepare to expect the unexpected here, as the variety of song styles, structures, instrumentation and tone can be a bit overwhelming at first. But what shines through, as it did in FOTLB’s Mike Mogis country sheen, is the sweet lyrics and Hynes’ way with melody. There are singalongs alll over the shop, propped up by swooping strings, elegant harps and random ukelele’s. The album is also broken up into three parts, and comes across as very heavily influenced by musical theatre.

Lyrically, it’s clear the crippingly-shy Dev from previous years is finally growing up and becoming more confident in himself. As he says himself on standout track Sweetheart, “Be mine, I won’t act shy, I’m over that stage in my life,”. All over, this record smacks of maturity and you get the feeling Dev has really stamped his unique personality on it. This might all sound a bit bonkers, but it works on record I promise, I just suck at explaining music to anyone who isn’t me.

Give these songs a listen and then buy the record here.

Lightspeed Champion – Dead Head Blues

Lightspeed Champion – Sweetheart

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