Lightspeed Champion – Madame Van Damme

Devonte Hynes is finally getting round to releasing his second album under the Lightspeed Champion moniker, and it’s shaping up to be a belter. Titled Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You, Hynes released the video to his debut single Marlene already (which was released yesterday), and then Domino Records made another tune, Madame Van Damme, available for download on their website. Fans of LC will be familiar with the song as it’s pretty old and he’s been playing it live for around a year. I have always been a firm fan of it’s light, melodic pop song structure and it’s enjoyably repetitive hook. It’s essentially a Falling Of The Lavender Bridge song minus the orchestral arrangements. Check it out in it’s acoustic early form:

Lightspeed Champion – Madame Van Damme (Acoustic)

One of the big talking points about Hynes much anticipated sophomore record is it’s production. And you can really see what people are talking about when listening to the album version of this song. The word most used by reviewers has been ‘epic’, and I would have to agree. There are a good few instruments at work in this song alone, this is apparently the most poppy and radio-friendly song on the album. Hynes has spoken in interviews about the album being heavily influenced by 70’s singer songwriters like Rundgren, Bowie et al. So I guess we can expect harps, synths and soaring strings up our asses. I personally am foaming at the mouth to hear what the kid does, because if you ever see him live, he just has a way with a tune and some affecting lyrics. Here is the album version:

Lightspeed Champion – Madame Van Damme (Album Version)

And if you haven’t seen it already, here’s LC’s video for Marlene:

Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You is out on Feburary 15th. Preorder that sumbitch for only £8.99 right hizzy.


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