My Formative Albums Of The 00’s No. 6 – Glassjaw – Worship And Tribute

Fuck yeah! Now we are hitting some good shit. What to say about Glassjaw’s epic Worship and Tribute? It’s a phenomenal album, and although it isn’t the record that introduced me to hardcore (that was their even more intense debut Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence) but it was the one that showed me that the sub-genre had post-hardcore a clear leader.

Daryl Palumbo’s soaring vocals, guitarist Beck’s inventive tones and arrangements and a great production job gave this album a beautiful sheen as the band moved from Roadrunner Records to Warners. The only thing that I must mention about this album is the fact that the band were refused to let one of their songs be placed on it – the beautiful Convectuoso. Because they had recorded a version of it as a b-side at RR, the label didn’t let them put it on their Warners record. Fuck them in their stupid asses, it would have been a great coda to what is already a phenomenal album.

Also of note is the other songs the band recorded for the W+T sessions, notably Grasper, Tewt and Midwestern Stylings. These songs are insanely catchy and inventive, and are both cursed with Daryl’s demo singing (aka lots of singing, not enough screaming) yet all show proof that they could have held down a place on the album. But that’s just my personal gripe. If you buy any albums over Christmas, buy Worship And Tribute. You shan’t be dissapointed!



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