Slayer – World Painted Blood

Oh man, Slayer. Where to start with one of the great metal bands ever? Even though I’m a huge fan, I can accept that their output post 1994 is a bit shit. Up until 2001’s God Hates Us All they fell off and their material took a big dip in quality. They proceeded to write albums that in no way stood up to the brilliance of their triple attack of Reign In Blood, South Of Heaven and Seasons In The Abyss. But since GHUA they have enjoyed a turnaround back towards the band they once were, no doubt bolstered by having old drummer Dave Lombardo back in the fold.

Make no bones about it, their last few albums have been no Reign In Blood, but at least they are back to writing face melting riffs and bananas time changes. Plus, they still take no prisoners live. I’m gonna check them out at the Barrowlands later this month and I know War Ensemble and Angel Of Death are gonna tear the place apart. And it’s good to know the best of their new songs won’t seem too out of place with those classics.

So buy World Painted Blood. It’s really good. Bonus Points: It’s better than Death Magnetic. Enjoy some classic Slayer:

Slayer – Mandatory Suicide

Slayer – Jesus Saves

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