Biffy Clyro – Missing Pieces aka The Puzzle B-Sides


Biffy Clyro released their major label debut, Puzzle, in 2007. It marked a change in sound for a band who once prided themselves in creating complex, multi-faceted songs and intricate melodies. This album followed the traditional route of a once experimentasl band smoothing out their unique edges for mainstream success.

I myself never believed The Biff would succumb to this most rock star of moves. From their debut EP through to third album Infinity Land, the band were getting more and more difficult and heavy as they went. A lot of people pinpoint the death of lead singer Simon Neil’s mother to be the turning point for the band – from then on the songs got simpler and more emotional. Whatever it was, Puzzle is a different album entirely for Biffy.

Don’t get me wrong, Puzzle is not a bad album. Far from it actually. What it is, is an album by a different band. It has the feel of classic poppy alternative rock all over it – and that’s no bad thing. Folding Stars and The Conversation Is… could have been Foo Fighters album tracks, Who’s Got A Match is pure Queens Of The Stone Age and Machines is reminiscent of Nirvana’s quieter moments.

But the Puzzle sessions proved very fruitful, so much so that there is an album’s worth of material leftover. And guess what? It’s fucking great. The B-Sides they left off the album have a more classic Biffy sound and in some cases are far better than some of the album’s weaker songs. So here it is; an album I am naming Missing Pieces. I made sure to leave off all the live/acoustic versions of album songs here. It’s just pure new sexy tunes. Give the couple of tracks from the album a listen and if your feelin’ it, download the whole thing. Mon The Biffy!

Biffy Clyro – Missing Pieces

  1. Coward
  2. A Headline
  3. Miracle Of Survival
  4. Drop It
  5. Asexual Meat Kitchen (feat. Matt from The Bronx)
  6. Hermaphrofight
  7. Scared Of Lots Of Everything
  8. Kittens, Cakes And Cuddles
  9. Relief Or Fight
  10. I’m Behind You

[EDIT: It seems that Biffy Clyro actually have a b-sides album called Missing Pieces, which you can buy here.]

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One response

  1. Ryan

    You my friend, are insane. I agree this is a much more polished and “refined” album, especially when comparing it to Infinity Land, but Puzzle is nowhere NEAR mainstream “rock star sellout”. And in all honesty, Missing Pieces is even more refined and polished, and less of the edgy completely unique sound than Blackened Sky or Puzzle. I am listening to Machines as I write this, and to say it is ANYTHING like Nirvana is just downright silly. I will agree that Who’s Got a Match is Queen’s-esq, but it is entirely its own creature. I would say its pretty obvious that you got into Biffy early, and have fought the progression tooth and nail since. But for to someone who comes to their work now (i.e. me) I have acquired all the albums at once and can admire the creativity and pure uniqueness of each of their works. You my friend need to embrace the change and be grateful that such a creative band still exists.

    June 18, 2010 at 2:26 pm

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