Converge – Axe To Fall

I finally picked up a copy of Converge’s new opus, Axe To Fall. As expected, it’s fantastic. In many ways, it is a different beast than previous records. Of course there is the usual intricate guitar work and throat-shredding vocals, but they are interspersed with a true sense of melody on this release.

On many songs singer Jacob Bannon lets his (slightly) cleaner singing voice through and in the process really lets the album breathe. This album is essentially a group effort, with members of Cave In, Disfear and especially on semi-acoustic track Cruel Bloom, Neurosis singer Steve Von Till all making significant contributions. Make no mistake, this is still some of the most aggressive and intense music being made at the moment, but Converge are far smarter than to keep remaking their masterpiece Jane Doe.

Every album has different shades and this one is no different. This band are one of the hardest working, honest and truthful groups of all time, and take extreme music to new places. Let your mind be blown by the masters that are CON-FUCKING-VERGE.

Stream Axe To Fall at Converge’s MySpace.

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