The Mountain Goats – Satanic Messiah EP

It’s sunday and I’m hungover, so I don’t need a reason to post some Mountain Goats. The Satanic Messiah EP was released in conjunction with the Black Pear Tree EP and was limited to only 666 copies, as well as a pay-what-you-will download.

This EP marked a change in musical direction for John Darnielle. And while the title and intricate artwork may suggest a move into heavy shredding guitars and blastbeats, the resulting songs prove to be a world away from the devils music (Though Darnielle does indeed dig metal). Mostly written on piano, these songs are sparse and frail, with their protagonists the usual bunch of misfits and crazies that populate Darnielle’s musical tales.

On this release, Darnielle tones down his usual hollering and racks up the tension. The record never feels at ease, even when it is issuing sweet melodies and cute chord changes. But the real heart of the piece and of all of Darnielle’s music is the lyrics, and here there is no exception to that rule. Each song is a short story which needs attention to enjoy their full scope. The tales range from a bunch of fans seeing a Brazillian death metal band to the scene of a violent Ethiopian tax rebellion. Darnielle often gives voices to those who can be heard, but are just being ignored. If your feeling up for being taken on a journey, give them a listen.

  1. The Mountain Goats – Sarcofago Live
  2. The Mountain Goats – Wizard Buys A Hat
  3. The Mountain Goats – Satanic Messiah
  4. The Mountain Goats – Gojam Province 1968

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