Idlewild – Make Another Warning/Promise

From their debut release, the Captain EP, to their third album The Remote Part Idlewild were awesome. Beginning as a bunch of Sonic Youth worshipping students, they progressed from a punky, aggressive young band to a melodic and mature rock group. It seemed they were destined for the big time, and secured high profile support spots with heroes like Pearl Jam and REM.

Then, on the cusp of their shot at becoming rock pigs, they had a great idea: Why not take three years off and then comeback with their worst album yet? Suprisingly, that gem of a plan didn’t bring them they success/acclaim they had enjoyed previously, and in fact just pissed people off, with Warnings/Promises getting lukewarm reviews at best. Then they released Make Another World, a far better album which was still plagued by the ‘half a great album’ disease.

So what am I babbling on about?Well, if they had bided their time and combined the two albums worth of songs, they could have had a more than worthy successor to The Remote Part. And that is what I have done for you, dear interneter. I call it Make Another Warning/Promise, and it flows beautifully. See, that’s even a better album title!

Idlewild – Make Another Warning/Promise (RAR FILE)

  1. In Competition For The Worst Time
  2. No Emotion
  3. I Understand It
  4. Everything (As It Moves)
  5. A Ghost In The Arcade
  6. El Capitan
  7. Blame It On The Obvious Choice
  8. Love Steals Us From Loneliness
  9. As If I Hadn’t Slept
  10. Future Works

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