Stuff That Rocks My World #3 – Video Special

1. I’m far too psyched for the upcoming film Where The Wild Things Are.

Based on the beloved children’s book, it stars a plethora of acclaimed character actors as the Wild Things and is helmed by the boy wonder of american arthouse;  Spike Jonze. I have already mused on the excellent trailer, which nearly always prizes open my man-tear ducts every time I watch it. But here is a look behind the scenes of the filming, and my god does it look like fun!

Man, if James Ganldolfini was shouting and throwing things at me I would just curl into a ball and weep.

2. Once this crazy Postal Strike is over, I’m getting my hands on this little belter:

Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy ftw!!!

Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy ftw!!!

3. Here is the much loved/maligned Brand New reworking one of their best songs, Sowing Season (Yeah), in the studio. I really like the way Jesse Lacey’s voice has matured over the years and this is the perfect song to perform acoustically (word?).

4. Sometimes, you just come across a story that re-affirms your belief in the world, and reminds you that not everyone is a soulless slave to the money machine. David Thorne is one of them. He is a God amongst men, and the proof is here, where he tries to pay his chiropractor with a spider.

Kudos to Jane Gilles for drawing an extra leg and in the course of doing so, being a cool human being.

5. For the last ten years, I have passed the facade noto others that I have been living my life for myself. In reality, I have been waiting for this:


6. The making of Fantastic Mr Fox. It seems this post has a running trend of indie auteurs tackling beloved children’s books. Even though Wes Anderson is using stop-motion animation for the film, I love the way his characters are still as immaculately dressed and as ‘Anderson-esque’ as ever.

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