Babylon 5’s A Big Pile Of Shit!

Yes, yes it is. But do you know what isn’t a big pile of shit? Spaced, that’s what. You mean to say you don’t know what I’m referring to? Well, I envy you, sir/madam. Because you have the entire two seasons of the greatest British sitcom of all time to plough through.

I can hardly believe this once-in-a-generation sitcom is 10 years old. That makes me feel really aged. I always remember watching Friends with my parents at 9PM on Channel 4, and then heading upstairs to my room to watch this show about all the stuff I loved: comics, films, and bizarre comedy. I didn’t get all the references at the time, which made my revisiting of it a few years ago on DVD so enjoyable. Plus, I wasn’t old enough to go out to pubs and clubs at the time, so certain elements of the show now ring true that didn’t beforehand. For example:

In celebration, you should search out the Complete Series DVD at

But if you would rather watch Spaced for absolutely nothing, then just go here if your in the UK, or hit up Hulu if your in the States.

As a tribute, I’m gonna post an ultra-rare tune that was played in the Episode ‘Chaos’ from the first season. It’s a beat remix of the Star Wars Imperial March, and it’s ace. From Beats By Dope Demand Vol 4.

Fader Gladiator – Battle Of The Planets

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