Everyone Should Listen To:

Margot And The Nuclear So And So’s

Margot are a truly awesome band that really, everyone should be listening to. I randomly discovered them online as I browsed through music blogs with little purpose. I stumbled onto their song Quiet As A Mouse from their debut album The Dust Of Retreat. After listening, i jumped straight into my nearest record shop to pick the album up.

I very rarely do that, but this one track bewitched me so that it was the only thing I though of at that point. The band had been described as Arcade Fire meets Bright Eyes. I can’t stand that sort of lazy comparison, but there is a gleam of truth there. There are, at times, 8 people playing in the band and they can have the same life-affirming quality as their more famous peers. Vocalist Richard Edwards has the same gift for heart-tugging couplets as other singer-songwriters such as Conor Oberst and John Darnielle.

The Dust Of Retreat is phenomenal. It’s as good a debut as I have ever heard. It’s one of those unskippable track albums where you will stick a song on to snack on and find yourself captivated an hour later having gorged on the whole thing. Check these tunes and tell me wrong, i dares ya!

Margot And The Nuclear So And So And So’s – Skeleton Key

Margot And The Nuclear So And So And So’s – Vampires In Blue Dresses

Margot And The Nuclear So And So And So’s – Dress Me Like A Clown

After signing to Epic Records, the band went psychedelic for the sessions for their next album, Animal!. The songs that came from these sessions were markedly darker and more awkward than their previous material, which caused Epic to make draw up their own preferred tracklisting for Animal!.  Months of arguments began, as tensions between band and label rose.

Eventually, the label, being dicks, offered a compromise: they would release the album the band wanted as Animal!, and their own version simultaneously, which the band demanded be named Not Animal.

The songs on both albums marked a shift for Margot and featured heavier guitars and more jam/experimental aspects within their songs. This worked on some songs, but on others I think they would have been better off keeping the acoustic feel of the demos Richard recorded. Because the band and label agreed on some songs, these ended up crossing over into both albums. So, I have made my ultimate version of the album. I call it Really Animal!. You don’t have to.

Margot And The Nuclear So And So’s – Really Animal!

  1. 1. As Tall As Cliffs
  2. 2. O’ What A Nightmare!
  3. 3. At The Carnival
  4. 4. Pages Written On A Wall
  5. 5. Mariel’s Brazen Overture
  6. 6. Hello Vagina
  7. 7. There’s Talk Of Mine Shafts
  8. 8. Shivers (I’ve Got Em)
  9. 9. The Ocean (Demo Version)
  10. 10. Real Naked Girls
  11. 11. German Motor Car
  12. 12. Broadripple Is Burning (Demo Version)

If you like what you hear, buy some Margot at Amazon.co.uk. They are currently recording their fourth album, and have underwent some lineup changes. Get in the know before they go U2 on our asses.

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