Ode To Kurt

I feel it’s time to take a moment to pay tribute to the Kurt. And no, i don’t mean Cobain, but the perenially overlooked talent that is Kurt Russell.

One of the best leading actors of the 80’s, Big K has been overlooked big time since his heyday starring in blockbusters like Escape From New York and such. In fact, try typing his name into Google and see what happens:


Fourth on the list? That neckless turd Kurt Angle is in front of him! For shame! Yet, it could have been so different for Russell.

His whole career has been spent living in the shadow of bigger leading men, contenting himself with consistently doing great work in serious films such as Silkwood (Golden Globe nom), Elvis (Emmy nom), and the criminally underrated Dark Blue; and leading parts  such as The Thing (my all-time favourite horror film),  Stargate, Death Proof and Big Trouble In Little China (one of my favourite films ever. But I will waffle on about that another day).

K-Mart’s career trajectory could have been altered drastically if this had gone his way:

That’s right, Kurt could have been Han Solo. It’s unimaginable now, but it could have happened. I like to think Kurt was just too dashing, too sexy to play the part. That’s the only logical reason I can come to. It’s a shame, because I don’t know about you, but I can picture the Russ-meister as Indiana Jones too.

I was thinking of posting a video demonstrating Russell’s range of acting. I toyed with showing the blood test scene from The Thing, or the fight with Lo Pan from Big Trouble, or even the riot scene from Dark Blue.

But as usual, the Germans have the answer. They always have the answer:


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