Baby, Your A Rickman

I have now seen Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince twice within the space of 24 hours. One trip with my girlfriend and one with my family. I fully enjoyed myself, but my eyes were opened in a sense by attending two screenings in such close proximity.

Last night the screening began at 8 and was filled with mostly adults. In contrast, this morning the screening was at 11am, and was populated mainly by children (who considered it funny to stand up and run around during the quieter scenes, and unknowingly risked suffering a swift slap in the darkness).

The main difference was obvious, as the adults sat still, talked rarely and soaked up the plot and observed the fast-moving scenes keenly. The children laughed, hollered and acted like little shits.  This is only to be expected.  But my viewing experiences were different on both occasions in ways I never expected.

Put simply,

CONS: Kids are idiots and spoil everything, hot dogs are more expensive than my house, cinema tickets are more expensive than my house.

PROS: Over the two screenings I managed to catch the trailers for Up (damn you USA and your early release dates!) and Where The Wild Things Are, both of which are looking to being able to live up to their hype as ‘great family films’. So that means I will need to see them with kids. Awesome.

In particular, the WTWTA trailer was utterly sublime. It instantly moves into my all-time top ten of film trailers. (I adore trailers, but I will elaborate on that another day. Like all two of you reading actually care.)

And, to finish this ramble, Severus Snape, as played masterfully by Hans Gruber aka Sherriff Of Nottingham aka The Rick Man gave me the excuse to use one of my favourite words today:

Damn, homeboy A-Bomb Rickmaster Supreme is very loquacious.

Post was soundtracked by Florence And The Machine, – buy Lungs from

Here is a sample of the tribal shaymanistic ear joy:

Florence And The Machine – Falling


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